01 July 2009

U.S. Presidential Candidate Arrested

One would think that a previous House Rep. & previous U.S. Presidential candidate accompanied by a Nobel Laureate being captured by military troops would be news. Not this time; the military involved is Israel's.

Cynthia McKinney and 20 other passengers, including the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Mairead Maguire had their vessel boarded in international waters , were captured and are currently still being held.

I must question why such a thing was not mentioned in the news. What if John McCain and Al Gore had been captured? Or even Bob Barr? Why is there nothing being said? I found 3 articles when I did a Google "NEWS" search. THREE! Was there a single major news source? Ha. The Age (of Australia) and the Palestine Telegraph appear to be the closest thing to major news sources so far.

What has happened to Journalism?

Ya know, that's a good question. I'm calling the editor of my paper. What are you going to do?


Anonymous said...

It's because it didn't happen. If the major news organizations didn't report it, then it must not have happened. BREAKING NEWS! Michael Jackson is dead.

Tom Carter said...

Cynthia McKinney is a total wacko; we'd all be better off if they keep her. However, Mairead Corrigan-Maguire is much more serious and worthy of greater concern. In any case, they were engaged in political agitation in a highly sensitive area, in waters controlled by Israel (de facto or de jure, it doesn't matter), and doing things that were intended to attract attention and a reaction. They got what they wanted. Not much news here, in reality.

Z- said...

Actually, I heard it on NPR right after it happened, but nothing since.

The media story that boggled my mind this year was the NY Times (or was it New Yorker?) journalist who fled his captors in Afghanistan. I was stunned to hear that his employer specifically asked ALL news organizations NOT to report anything about his kidnapping--he was out like 9 months?--and they all pretty much followed along, including NPR. They claimed it was for his "safety," which is totally counter-intuitive.

Agenda setting by the media is scary, and clearly it's not just a matter of some government censoring them.... they're quite capable of doing it on their own and to each other.

Erik said...

LOL! Thanks for the comment and the laugh.

Tom Carter,
Thanks for your comment.
Cynthia is definitely not cut from the same cloth. The Republicans and Democrats both have smeared and distanced themselves from her in recent past.

In her defense...That wacko DID NOT stand before the U.S. public and request that we remove the 4th amendment as McCain and Obama did. I'm still offended that either party would have given the nomination to, "Uphold and defend the Constitution" to two people with such contempt for the Constitution.

Yes, they were engaged in political agitation in a highly sensitive area and did this to attract attention...as it well should have. That's just my point.

The news is that there is no news. At what point does it become news? When Al Gore, Sarah Palin or one of Michael Jackson's relatives is on board?

Ya that kinda surprised me too. The agenda is being set by the media...It has been for over a century. But, I am surprised out how ridiculous it has become in the past 10 years.

Sharkbytes said...

Interesting. The news media is wacko.