11 August 2009

Joint Project-Electro Circus

We had an amazing time at the Electro Circus in Austin, TX. As we were both enjoying the circus and shooting, Arlene and I decided to do a joint project. For this shot, she took the photo and I did the editing and after-effects. I think I will post it on my Astral Cowboy blog, too.
(Click on photo to enlarge)

Merriment, sunshine and new friends
Colors permeate and dissipate
Life begins anew, thankful, shared

We are here...NOW
An Afternoon together
Juggling, dancing, dreaming

Share my sunshine
Share this space
Be here...NOW


Scotty said...

excellent! :)

Icy BC said...

This is excellent!

Dragonsongbird said...

We are glad you are enjoying your renewed time together so much. Keep smiling Arlene. You are beautiful.

Erik said...

Thanks Scotty and BC! I'm glad you like it...I do too. :)

Thanks Dragonsongbird,
Arlene is blushing.