18 August 2009

More Electro Fun Last Sunday

Hula and Aerial hoops provided much entertainment at last week's
Electro Circus gathering:

The next Electro Circus gathering will be the last for the season.
It will be held August 23rd in back of Barton Springs (outside the fence).


Whisper said...

Lovely photos. Artistic

econtatto said...

I love Electric Circus and I wish to have one event like that here in Italy!
You have a new follower: Me!! hehehe!
hava a nice day!
Mike from lookartv.blogspot.com

Dragonsongbird said...

Magical pictures. :)

Erik said...

Thank you Whisper. Your photos kept me paging through for a while. Really interesting material.

You've got a bunch of really cool videos on your blog that burnt up hours of my time here in Texas. Oh well, I can't always be editing pictures.

You should follow the electro circus and similar events so you can create your own there. I have a very close friend that travels to Italy often and might even be able to give you a hand.

Thanks Sweet Songbird.

Anonymous said...

Erik - these are excellent. The light is incredible. I loved the post-it video too. Thanks.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Love it Erik. Are you from Texas? Texas is my home state. I just saw The Stones last summer or is it 2 summers ago now that they played in Austin?

I absolutely love your work. You are really good!!

We have a huge storm moving in. I hope to be back online soon!!


© M M PAR 2009 said...

thanks for dropping by - love the images in this post Marco Moone

Erik said...

Thanks koe! I spend a lot of time trying to figure out the whole light thing. I thought you might like the post-it vid. Shinade, I am born and raised a Texan.

The stones were here in 2006. Time flies!

Hope you are safe, sound and dry.

Unpublished (Fiction Contest) Guy said...

Just thought you should know that the parks in Texas are covered with some sort of squiggly neon coloration that I have never seen at the parks in Michigan.

Shea said...

that looks like so much fun