01 September 2009

Love Bubbles

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To you we send our hopes, our dreams, our prayers
Set upon the wind with a heart of purity
A desire to share, to heal, to nurture

We send our community, we send our kinship
We send the flavors, colors and excitement
We send our music, dance and creation

Embrace our gift with open minds and hearts
We send you our communal breath of
Creativity, Freedom and Love


Icy BC said...

I caught the hopes, wishes, and dreams you send, and return them to you in full circle!

TJ Lubrano said...

This is so lovely!! The wishes were floating in the air like little happy boxes, each containing a lovely message. I wish you the same back! Hope your days are filled with love, joy, laughter, adventures and creativity. Keep smiling ^_^!

Nothing Profound said...

Sunny days, peaceful days, sweet dreams and wishes drifting through the air.

Shea said...