03 November 2009

Welcome the Winter with Gusto!

Winter is on it's way (the official start is around December 21st/22nd). I thought I would give it a bit of a jump start with a Driver from JC Excavating in Armstrong, BC performing a 425 horsepower 10-wheel drift on ice and snow. I only know a few Texans who could perform such a stunt, Of course, it would be in mud rather than snow.

Yes...Armstrong is a beautiful place that is full of fun, adventure and wonderful people...no matter the temperature.

Disclaimer: I have never used these guys, but after watching this ad, I'd definitely consider it.


Elise said...

I've been to Armstrong many times, I used to live near there. Lots of good memories especially the IPE fair on labor day weekend.

sweetromance2 said...

That's some wild driving for sure.

Erik said...

Elise, thanks for your comment. I love the IPE fair! It looks as if I will be moving there on New Year's Eve!

You said it!