12 October 2010

RFID Tracking Used on Children in Texas Schools

Tracking devices used in school badges

Two districts are first in the area to use ID tags that raise privacy, security concerns


Oct. 11, 2010, 10:00AM

Jerry Baker Chronicle

Sixth-graders, from left, Jacorey Jackson, Deante' Maxey, Casandra Hernandez and Kamryn Jefferson, all 11, wear special tracking badges at Bailey Middle School in Spring.

Radio frequency identification — the same technology used to monitor cattle — is tracking students in the Spring and Santa Fe school districts.

Identification badges for some students in both school districts now include tracking devices that allow campus administrators to keep tabs on students' whereabouts on campus. School leaders say the devices improve security and increase attendance rates.

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I have family raising children in the Spring district and look forward to their insights and comments.

In light of my last post, I would like to ask for people's opinions on the RFID program in the Spring and Santa Fe school districts and ideas about how to create something to impact our communities and the planet in a positive way.

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