18 November 2010

Enough is Enough

Ron Paul on the floor of the Congress last night, speaking on the ridiculous treatment of citizens by the TSA:

Terrorism is bad.
The 4th Amendment is good.
Fear should not rule our intellect.
Fear does not trump inalienable rights.
Let's reinstate the 4th amendment--then there wouldn't be a need for his bill.


Evan Johnson said...

I almost always find myself agreeing with Ron Paul.

I like to watch his videos, but it would be great to see one of his speeches in person.


Da Dude said...

When did flying become a right? You can drive, take a train or bus. You don't have to fly.

Tell a policeman that you don't want a speeding ticket because you have the right to speed.

Tell a cab driver you don't have to pay because you pay taxes that paves the road.

Get over it.

Erik said...

Evan, He is quite wonderful live. Very intelligent and well spoken. You would enjoy it.

Da Dude,

Flying is not a right. The right to privacy is. Buying a plane ticket does not forfeit your Constitutional rights.

Your argument is light bulbs to oranges.

Erik said...

Da Dude,

You are a deputy Sheriff? I would expect that you had taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and the state of Illinois. I would also expect that you would know better.

The 4th amendment is part of the Constitution of the United States. Thank you for your service.