11 November 2010

Want To See My Artwork In Person?

Come visit me at the East Austin Studio Tour between 11:00 am and 6:00pm on November 13 & 14 and 20 & 21 at 809 East 16th Street in Austin, TX. It is listed as Studio #102 on the tour map.

I will be displaying photography and art and will have a large screen to display additional work available by special order.

There will be 10 artists showing their work throughout The Village and a DJ/Dub artist spinning tunes to match the day.


the half-life of linoleum said...

wish i could be there - best of luck

Erik said...

That would rock. Thanks...should be a great time.

JamieDedes said...

Good luck, Eric. Have fun ... wish I could just pop down, meet ya', and check out the works.

Shinade said...

Good luck and I wish I could be there too Erik. I just started back blogging last week and just now realized who you are!!

It's good to find you again my old friend.

Good luck and happy day,