16 February 2011

Manifestation Blossom

Meditations are what meditations are
Each attempt - something else
Soaking in the sun, one soaks into the sun
A pineal explosion of light and sound

No fears, no wants; just being
Forgiveness sweeps clean the way
And prepares for glowing thankfulness
The space in which manifestations blossom


Anonymous said...

manifesting peace
hello sun...long time no see
celebrating birdsong

Ferd said...

This may be one of the best little descriptions of a meditation that I've ever read, artistically done, of course!

Life Moto said...

once in a while we need to stop and meditate.

Erik said...

Anonymous. That is so beautiful and speaks to me today. Thank you.

Ferd, Thank you!

Life Moto, So very true.