24 February 2011

New Vantage Point

I meant to post this last week when it was cold, but I have been too busy pedaling about in the beautiful weather.
This was a painful shot, taken

from a vantage I had not considered only seconds before.

Yes...I classified it as street art...I thought it was funny.


Amber said...

Ouch! Hope you and the camera have no lingering effects from the attack art! :)

dino said...


Ferd said...

I love it!
I love the faint color tones, giving a vague warmth to an otherwise cold scene. And the eye goes from the cold tire tracks to a number of other interesting elements in the pic. Very creative!

Erik said...


Only lingered about a week. Thankfully, I know lots of alternative healers that were willing to help.

Thanks Dino!

Thank you Ferd. It's always nice to know someone likes one of my photos. It is especially nice when someone can express, so eloquently, why they like it.