14 March 2011

The Sacred Geometry of Fire

the zen of it all - such a blessing
darting, parting, blazing, trailing
life in blues and yellows

a bob, a weave -- an exercise in subtlety
feeling it, hearing it, knowing it
fire transforms thought, time, & intuition

 each breath slows to an eternity
movements conscious, yet not
mathematical, transformative, instinctual

sacred geometry scores the night air
possibilities of heat-formed fields of 
dancing arm-hair dandelions loom

seering, red-hot, metal kisses
etch for a while, if not forever
a memory, a sensation, a lesson

instructors sent to direct and guide
dancing fireballs admonish and chide

each reminder less than the last
rushes of wind and sounds of fire
driving energy beyond the bounds
and through my very being

grace, beauty and movement
as the heart expands, so does the mind
no reaction, just flow-no attack, just flow


Ferd said...

The poem, the picture, the whole thing rocks!

Evan Johnson said...

This is great, thanks for sharing Erik.

And I just got a picture up on my blog of the dome area at E-rock.

Interesting Foto said...

nice capture