13 October 2011

Power-washing City Hall During Occupy Austin

I received a call that the Austin City Council made the decision to have the mall in front of City Hall power-washed between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. The requirement was for all signage, equipment, tents, etc. be removed so that the city could clean.  Occupants were told they would be allowed to return after the cleaning.

Officers and occupiers were respectful and communicated with little confrontation throughout the process.  Occupiers were told that they should move across the street, which most complied with. 

 A lone occupier stays until the last moments.

The power-washing begins.
Initially, police had advised everyone that no one would be allowed on the sidewalks in front of City Hall. 

After discussions with occupiers, the police advised the crowd that they could be on the sidewalk as long as they did not impede traffic.

Four occupiers refused to vacate and were arrested without incident.  But not without some good humor.

  Of course, not all arrested were in such high spirits.

 All in all, the actions of the occupiers and the police made me proud to live in Austin. 

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