03 February 2012

The New Anthem... Monsanto Go Away!!!

Monsanto (Go Away!)
Words and Music by Human
The song begins 55 seconds in.

You say you want to help our community
Help the farmers sell more food
But all you sell to us is lies
You're only looking out for you

You say its all about the children
And yet you feed them pesticides
We know its all about your profits
Because of you too many die

Chorus: Monsanto Go Away Go Away Go Away
You are NOT welcome on our land
Monsanto Go Away Go Away Go Away
You are trespassing on our land

You say you're all about democracy
But then you interfere in our political process
You may have fooled some politicians
You may have given them some money

But this is not Washington DC
You cannot bully this community
We are much stronger than you think that we are
We are everywhere and we know who you are

Chorus: Monsanto.....

So if you know what is best for you
You will take your lies and go back home
You cannot tell your lies to change our minds
We don't want your frickin' poison seeds here in AUSTIN
For many many years we grow our food the natural way
Earth she gives us all we need to sustain
We will not grow your chemi-crops, you take your herbicides and go
You will not poison our homeland we say its time for you to go.

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