26 October 2006


It's no wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.

Dove has created a marvelous short film regarding our manufactured perceptions of beauty. I strongly suggest watching it and sharing it with young people. I do not endorse Dove products and suggest against participating in any of their requested marketing activities. This is a marvelous film, but it is still a marketing piece. The company is revealing marketing practices that have shaped the views of many and is ironically using it to market their products and further their branding.


Andrea said...

Cool. And sad. Why do we keep buying stuff to put on our faces? Oh yeah...it's the marketing, silly.

I get how chasing after an impossible image has caused a whole lot of stress in my life. What I don't get is how Dove makes it all better and makes me more authentic.

Thanks for your blog. Different from the others. I like your women's interest articles best.


April Charlemagne-Walding said...

I really liked the short film. I saw it for the first time a few days ago. It is a very enlightening film that is great for young teens and adults with low confidence. I think people that take care of themselves and enjoy living life each have a unique beauty about them. Every day there's a new couple that decides to spend the rest of their lives together because they find that special beauty in each other.
April Charlemagne