10 April 2007

It's my Birthday...

Please send me to Flipside!!!

If you know me, you know I should be there.

Flipside weekend will be the weekend of my 40th BIRTHDAY!!! I made certain that nothing would get in the way of me being there this year. Although I missed the ticket deadline. I have had tickets the last 3 years in a row and was unable to go each time and each time I gave my tickets to a desiring soul.

I am now a soul in need of 3 tickets.

We reaeaeaealllllyyyyy want to go. Make my birthday dreams come true...give me a big push Over The Hill at Flipside to usher in a new decade of beauty, creativity and joy.

If you will sell or trade your tickets, we will be ever so grateful. We would also like to offer to take your picture to hang upon the place of highest honor at the Downtempo Teahouse.

See some of my fire entries here.
Some semi-recent art here.

Please contact me with any leads.


Summer(stool pigeon) said...

It my Birthday that weekend to but alas I so not have tickets either. Good gully what are we to do but rob someone and take their stuff!!!

Foreign Firefly said...

I really hope you figure out a way to go. We missed you and your whips last year. Find a way. Do that out of the box idea thing you are always talking about and make it happen.

Fire, fire, fire!

Erik said...

Hey Stool Pigeon,
Get my # from Jinxy and give me a call. I can keep you and your honey in the loop on any leads I get.

Dark Star said...

Dark Star Brightener has a ticket. If you are willing to submit to her terms, she might be able to help you.