10 April 2007

A Year Without Toilet Paper

A quick clip from the Colbert Show. Stephen interviews Colin Beavan, who has commited to a drastic change in lifestyle for himself, his wife and 2 yr. old daughter hope to achieve a net-zero environmental impact while living in the heart of NYC.

From Beavan's blog:
"During the course of the year, Michelle, Isabella and I will traverse the range of lifestyles from making a limited number of concessions to the environment to becoming eco-extremists. This means that when we’re done, we can reenter the world of normal consumerdom equipped to decide which parts of our no impact lifestyle we’re willing to keep and which ones we’re not. In other words, in addition to the no impact year, we’ll have figured out our way forward."
From Colin Beavan's site: NoImpactMan.com
You can view Coin's blog here.

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