21 September 2007

Habeas Corpus Restoration Act

Take 10 minutes away from Survivor, CSI, X-Box or whatever else may be taking precedence in your life and contact your representatives to let them know how you want them to vote on the restoration of habeas corpus. They are your representatives, after all.

A quote from the site:
"We all want to make America safe from terrorism, but becoming a nation that sanctions the unlawful detention of its own residents -- detaining and jailing them without the chance to appear before a judge -- does not make us safe. Instead, it violates a value that we have held dear for centuries -- safeguarding our individual freedom before arbitrary state action."
I can tell you that my representatives, John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchinson, both currently expect to vote against the restoration of habeas corpus. (What?) See how your representatives stand by clicking here or on the chart above.

Please take note that the Republicans are planning to fillibuster against the restoration of habeas corpus to counter the impact of the 2006 Military Commisions Act.

Whose freedoms are we fighting for?...
And where did my habeas corpus go?


jessica said...

Is this for real?

earthmother said...

I called!!! I think every mother should do this. I think it is essential for our children's and our nation's sake.

Erik said...

Yes Jessica. I realize that my sarcasm may throw people sometimes, but this...unfortunately is very real. Thank you for asking. Stand up and be heard, or they will think you agree.