10 December 2007

Laurie and Brandon - Not Until Now

This is a short film called "Not Until Now" by Brandon Gonzalez documenting Laurie Ellington and Brandon Gonzalez performing some contact improvisation.

I love watching these two as they dance around the park. They glow as they talk, touch, glide, lift, hold, spin, dance, laugh and collapse.

How do you touch the people in your lives?

Thanks to Kieran for sending this one in.


Anonymous said...

If we were to seek ourselves in a moment we would find that a thousand years could not tell the tale. Here before us is the tale of two that mingled only for a moment seen; a moment that reminds us of a thousand years that has never been. Our voice is known for it is ours; you know my voice for it is yours. Gratitude is the answer to the question you have posed. Thank you.

Sara said...

That was a very lovely, sweet video. Thanks for sharing. I hope I find love like that one day, sigh....

Kelli said...

i realized when watching this, that i have begun to learn love this way...with hope and passion, peace and acceptance, laughter and solemnity.
The greatest accomplishment for me has been to learn to love myself with this level of acceptance, enjoyment, humor and appreciation.
Thanks for posting this Erik.