14 January 2008

Roving Camera - Mike O'Brien

It's time to insert a little more beauty into the Truth & Beauty blog. A reader and good friend from Armstrong, BC in Canada sent these cell phone shots to me last Thursday when he took his class skiing at Silver Star Resort in Vernon, BC.

The first shot was just as snow clouds were coming in and the shot below was toward the end of the day.

Thanks to Mike O'Brien for the pictures.


HoopGirl said...

You sure you want to move to Canada...Aren't you the sunshine boy?

hoopgirl said...

do you have to tell people that BC is in Canada?

Black Albert said...

You always look so happy in the sun. You frolic in 100+ weather like kids in the springtime. How do you expect to survive. Won't your whips "crack" in the cold weather. lol