27 March 2008

NY Cops Beat Tibetans in Front of U.N.

Did you see this on the news?

The United States has given China most favored nation trading status. China is hosting the Olympics. Our corporations lobby against the rights of workers in China. We accept China's financial bailouts year after year. It only stands to reason that Police Officers in the United States would show their support for China by beating the crap out of peaceful "Free Tibet" protesters in front of the United Nations.

The following footage was shot at a free Tibet peaceful march and assembly in New York on the 14th of March.

It shows the protestors holding flags and signs and peacefully walking down the street towards the UN building as police vehicles screech onto the sidewalks, cops pour out and begin to beat the protesters with clubs as UN security guards stand and watch.

At one point, you can hear Officer Serano threatening to "f***ing kill" two of the peaceful protesters.

You can hear the cameraman say,
"Look at these cops, clubbing people in front of the UN, unbelievable, protesting to free Tibet, cops clubbing people in their legs on the sidewalk, in front of the UN in America, unbelievable, this is not China."
According to Wikipedia:
In the 1990s continued most favoured nation status for the People's Republic of China sparked U.S. controversy because of its sales of sensitive military technology and its use of prison labour, and its most favoured nation status was only made permanent in 2000.
If you would like to call the NYC Internal Affairs Bureau to have your voice heard, you can reach them at 212-741-8401.

Anyone else going to call their local news station to ask why this hasn't appeared?


Amber said...

WOAH. I will watch this when I'm at home. This infuriates me soooo much!

Thank you, Erik. You have helped me in a lot of ways to sort out what I really want to write about, and how to step up and say it. I forgot, somewhere along the way.

*fist in the air*

Amber said...

PS: I added you to my blogroll. Don't feel obliged to do the same, just wanted to let you know.