10 March 2008

Self-Portrait Show - Austin Figurative Gallery

Friday night was the self-portrait show at the Austin Figurative Gallery.
Special thanks to Lanie McCormick for all of her hard work on this show.

I showed two of my works, the "Astral Cowboy":

And the "Magical Whip":

And I created a new self-portrait when I went outside because there were too many people inside:
I've not manipulated the last photo to suit my tastes yet, but I thought I would share it.


Amber said...

Awesome! :) Whips and rope-handling are very useful skills to have, and I like your mirror picture.

Winter said...

Love this last one.

Chris McCormick said...

Hey Erik;
Great pics. Thanks for the link, posted a story about and linked you in it. www.planetactionnow.com

JafaBrit's Art said...

hiay, thanks for dropping by my blog. I like the range of your skills :)