13 March 2008

Stratastenciling - Javan Ivey

Javan Ivey uses an animation technique he devised called "Stratastencil" by which he cuts each frame out individually and uses stop motion to create a sense of movement. The technique adds another layer while still showing the layer before it. He then uses lighting to create depth and emotion. It's an intriguing blend of hand-worked art and technology that combine to form a truly unique form of animation.

You can watch another of his videos entitled "Tunnel Kids" here. Although it is more simple than "My Paper Mind", I think it is my favorite animation of his. Both videos are completely kid - animation.

I clipped the following quote from his website:
"His work reflects an understanding of the technical processes of animation, and reveals an almost obsessive attention to detail and function. Always curious about how things work, he tries to find interesting ways of integrating and creating the illusion of movement. Javan is most happy solving the simplest of problems with the most complex of creative engineering solutions in order to further the idea of animation as an art form."

I found this on a fun blog called Tiny Gigantic. You will notice I just added a link to the inspirational feed under the "Interesting Sites" category.

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