21 October 2008

A Google Gift

Google was good to me today.  I was looking at some of the traffic for my site and I had a visitor from Raleigh, NC who found me by Googling: "laws against black and female presidential candidates". Now that it is on my site, I will always be in the choices when people search that line.

If you found your way by Googling this very line...Welcome!  Please take some time to dig through my site and comment.  I entertain all thought and do my best to respond to most comments.


JJ said...

Google is magic. I write about some f'ed up stuff from time to time. And now I'm showing up in searches for things like camel toes and albino porn.

Erik said...

Yes...I did have to visit your site again. I hadn't seen your more "sordid" posts. :)