04 October 2008

Naomi Klein on The Daily Show

Naomi Klein on The Daily Show on Monday, speaking about her new book, "The Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism".

She has made the original documents used to support her book available for review on line.  You can access them here.  These include declassified government files, historical letters, news articles, NGO reports and more.   

I have seen her speak on a couple of occasions and have read a good deal of her work. I can assure you, she has very sexy brains. You can see a lecture she gave on the Shock Doctrine here.

Try to catch her when she comes to visit your town.  She will be here in Austin on October 12th.  Maybe we will see you there.


Anonymous said...

Currently reading the book [shock doctrine] for a class of mine. I think it is very good and points out a lot of good points. Although, I think that to most of America it seems like somewhat crazy conspiracy theory due to resistance from intellectual cowardice. By intellectual cowardice, I mean failure to entertain/listen/consider "dangerous" ideas.
I would love to attend one of her lectures, but unfortunately, I'm in Northern California and I can't drive all the way down to San Francisco next week to see her lecture.

Erik said...

Yes, many in mainstream America will likely think it a crazy conspiracy theory due to intellectual cowardice, many due to cognitive dissonance and many out of sheer ignorance. No one wants to believe that their elected representatives would do such things.

Many still believe that we were fired on in the Gulf of Tonkin, say otherwise and they call you a conspiratist. In the days of the Spanish American War, there were few Americans who believed we blew up the USS Maine...otherwise we wouldn't have gone to war.

I wish I had the opportunity to have taken classes with the kind of intellectual bravery and stimulation it appears you have access to. Universities in Texas do tend to be a bit more conservative than those in Cali. :D

I highly recommend her lectures, you can likely find some on youtube.

Thanks for your comment.