10 December 2008

Creation Cannot be Contained

You may have noticed a dramatic reduction in the number of political entries on my blog recently.  We have filed for our permanent residency in Canada and I am focusing on creation and growth.  We plan to open an art studio when we land and I plan to continue in the healing arts.

stone by stone, pavement consumes. 
swallowing what we know,
swallowing what we need.

layer upon layer, webs of contact
promising food, freedom, safety.
the promise becomes the problem.

stone by stone, pavement consumes. 
swallowing what we know,
swallowing what we need.

poles shift. the universe shrinks
and folds on itself,
connecting reason and rhyme

stripped, layer by layer.
creative energy and love sprout
food, freedom and safety.

sprout by sprout, pavement is consumed.
creation cannot be contained 
and provides what we need.


Elaine said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Indeed, I'm having a burnout. Your blogs is very nice. Looking at the pictures here relaxes me. Good Luck on your art studio.

Shea said...

How do you go about doing that? We've talked about going there. It seems so, impossible. We lived in Alaska and loved it, and we've talked about Canada, because its different, beautiful, and of course they have healthcare, seems like a good place, anyway
I wish you the best and I am sure that you will love it there and be successful, Don't quit your blog, I like your blog a lot

Erik said...

Thanks Elaine.


It took us a while because they want to know where you have lived and documentation of what you have done since age 18. That was quite a feat for the two of us, especially after traveling cross-country with our jobs.

There are monetary requirements, physical exams, background checks, and convoluted instructions. It is a difficult and time consuming proces, but we believe worth the effort.

The area we wish to live is amazing, the people we have met have been tolerant, helpful, hopeful and many are very like-minded to ourselves.

We are told the process can take 9 months to two years. We are hoping closer to 9 months.

Or...you can marry a Canadian or move there with a company, the latter seems to be quicker and less beaurocratically impacted.

The main website for information is:

jodapoet said...

Love the style of the poem. Nicely done and beautiful photo.

Roxy's Best Of... said...

Canada! What about Austin? I guess we'll get at least 9 months worth. Seriously, best of luck to you with the process.

Do I need to get you a new Roxy's Best Of... blog? (Just let me know where in Canada, I have a dormant Toronto site but can easily add others).


Shea said...

Thanks. Not what I wanted to hear, but what I expected. I just had an extensive background done myself, and did fine on it, except I have some bad debt, and so I was told to pay that off, and reapply,probably cost the govt over 10k to do it, I had to travel and do other things in the process,I think they spooked my neighbors cause they act funny now, Homeland security, case you wonder, which ironically is why I wanted the job, to pay my debts and all of that, would've moved to southern California, good paying and benefits, but, oh well.
I miss Alaska. The people there were so nice, and of course it's beautiful.

zbicyclist said...

Good luck with the Canadian application. Canada is a great country.