31 March 2009

Public Hoop Out - Austin, TX

OK all you hoopsters, newbies and wannabes...it's time for a little springtime fun, Austin style:  A community hoop-out!!

Bring your favorite hoop or use one/some/a bunch of the many provided.  There should be plenty of hoops in all shapes, sizes and weights.  
Informal class for beginners at 1pm.  
DJ Manny will be spinning.

Here is one of my favorite hoopers from Canada, Sandra SaFire Sommerville.  She has only been hooping since about late 2006.  I hope she inspires you as much as she does me.
I'm still trying to convince Arlene to let me do hoops, poi and whips in-doors.
Check out Hoopcircle.com for more info and details.


Jude said...

It's been a hundred years since I used a hula hoop, I'd probably through my hip out now if I tried, but I remember it was fun.

I'm afraid it will be a while before I try BOB on BE, but I'll be sure to check it out when I get time.

j. said...

how cool is that! very nice.... and to think... the only thing i ever managed to do with those things was taunt my poor puppy with the magical hoop of terror.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I can only do the traditional hula hoop move. The missionary hula, if you will.

Dragonsongbird said...

You should see little Miss "S". She can spin 2 hoops at the same time now. Maybe I should video her and get them up on YouTube!

Buwau98 said...

My first try on hula hoop was during my school days, and that was decades ago.
BTW.....thanks for the comment on my post.Those pics were taken from the washroom of one of the rural schools in Kapit,Malaysia.

Anna said...

Hey Erik I am going to my basement to do my hoop-out, lol. Refreshing post, you made me smile. BTW thanks for dropping by and leaving me very kind comment. Anna :)

Erik said...

Jude, you know you want to. If nothin' else, give the hips a good swing...a gentle swing can be just as fun as crazy circus hooping. :D

J, why does that not surprise me? True WordHerder fashion.

Songbird, That's awesome! I'd love to see her hooping and singing at the same time.

You should give it a shake again. It transports me back many years too. I have enjoyed following your blog for a while. You always provide such interesting bits in your photography.

Thanks Anna,
Hope your hooping was positive and enlightening. I have been enjoying digging through all your work, not just the photoblog. Fun stuff.

Jes said...

wow nice hoola hoop dance!!! nice she's so good =) i casnt even hoola for some seconds eheheh =)

Erik said...


Keep practicing! It grows on you. I promise.

Chris O'Riley said...

Wow.... just, wow. I don't think I've ever been more entranced by a hula hoop (or the hoopER) in my life.