14 April 2009

Amazing Words of Love

Please forgive me for posting so many videos lately, but this one really hit me in the solar plexus.

Does your husband's snoring bother you?  You must watch this:

The video is entitled, "Funeral".


Anji said...

She certainly says it all, doesn't she?

Dragonsongbird said...

Yes...that one got to me. We are all beautifully imperfect - together. May we continue to love and cherish our imperfections as we journey through our long lives - together.

OMYWORD! said...

You were right Erik - that definitely got to me. How lovely and human it was. Thanks so much. And right back atcha - have you seen the Susan Boyle video? Talk about inspiring and wondrous. It's great too. Just search for her name on YouTube.

Shu Fen said...

wow...are u singaporean?

if u aren't...it's funny how a Singapore government campaign is known to me, a Singaporean from a non-singaporean source :)

thanks for sharing.

it really touched my heartstrings.

Vicissitudes of Life

Erik said...

Yes, yes she does.

togetherness makes imperfections less visible.

Glad you liked it. I enjoyed the Boyle video very much. I looked it up when you commented, but didn't get to reply until now.

Shu Fen,

No. Not Singaporean, but I read a number of Singaporean blogs and read news from around the world. I think I initially found this one referenced in an editorial in a Singaporean newspaper.

I'm glad it touched you. I have watched it repeatedly.

Sarah said...

I have been crying when I watch this video continuously. Too touching.