17 April 2009

Police Photo from Tea Bag Gathering in Austin

This is a shot posted on my other blog.  I've been trying to post different photos on each blog, but thought I would share this one on both. 

It was a surreal scene, Republicans swaying together and singing the Beatles', "Revolution" and other songs of dissent.  The media advertised the event, attended in large numbers, interviewed protesters and organizers and then showed it on TV!  


Dina said...

republicans singing revolution!! are you fucking kidding me, its a travesty, and i am not kidding, the thought turns my stomach.

Erik said...

It was a bit odd. On the bright side, at least they are getting involved. It is really quite an amazing Coup d'état for the Republicans. They completely co-opted Ron Paul's work against high taxation via the Tea Parties in a manner that has made Democrats take the opposite side and begin arguing for taxation. It is interesting how the conversation can be controlled by framing it as a black or white choice and forcing people to take sides. Hmmm...Divide and conquer.