08 March 2010

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

I don't necessarily follow well or encourage anyone to follow me. There is beauty in being a lone nut; with or without followers. Here is to the pursuit of truth, love and beauty and the movements that form around those pursuits!

A word of caution: sometimes a lone nut is just a lone nut and not a leader (not that there's anything wrong with that), no matter how many followers there might be.


Dragonsongbird said...

Hello crazy, shirtless guy. For the record - there are some people you follow VERY well. :) I have see this video before, but I really like the added voice over.

A great life lesson. Follow boldly. Cheerfully. Unapologetically.


James Echels said...

I have always thought of you as a leader and a bit of a lone nut. I think both titles fit you aptly.

Don't ever stop dancing alone. Don't be concerned that others follow you. The life you lead is amazing and others want to experience the same sort of love, truth, beauty and peace that you do.

I have always admired you because you follow your heart and what you think is right. Even when the result is a more challenging life (viewed from the outside) and a colder environment. Be safe, friend.

Anonymous said...

I'd follow you at a Dance festival or into business battle. You are a lone nut leader I trust.