20 August 2010

Fluoride in the Water - Good For You?

Hey Austin!

Did you know that the water in Austin is fluoridated?

Join us in our efforts to remove fluoride from the drinking water in Austin.

When the City Council made its 1973 decision to add fluoride to the public water supply, it used data that is now known to be false.

Communities across the US are recognizing this public health debacle and are voting against fluoridation. Inform and mobilize Austinites to seek the end of water fluoridation of the city water we use to drink, cook, and grow our food.

Please inform yourself, then phone to share what you have learned with those who represent you.

Mayor Lee Leffingwell: (512) 974-2250
Mayor Pro-Tem Member Mike Martinez: (512) 974-2264
Council Member Chris Riley: (512) 974-2260
Council Member Randi Shade: (512) 974-2255
Council Member Laura Morrison: (512) 974-2258
Council Member Bill Spelman: (512) 974-2256
Council Member Sheryl Cole: (512) 974-2266

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