31 August 2010

Murray Kyle - A Conscious Roots Groove

Today we begin our journey back to the States. I want to thank everyone who helped us along our journey. We experienced more love and generosity than we ever expected. This adventure has reawakened my sense of wonder, connection and appreciation. I will miss all of you and think of you often.

This is from Murray Kyle's new conscious roots album, "Up From The Ground".

Thanks to Rio, who sent me this one, it really started our travel day off on the right note.


Tony Tomra said...

Happy Trails brother. And thanks so much for your help, without it I may never have made it thur the first term. hope our paths cross again someday

Dragonsongbird said...

Much love and safe travels. I would do it all over again. xx

Katherine said...

Journey safe and be well! Thank you both for enriching my life... And thank you for sharing study times thru an interesting first year! Cheers to future visits :)