01 November 2010

Rally to Restory Sanity - Austin 2010

There was:

Attention getting:

Show supporting:

Representation from the far right:

Same-sex embracing:

Calls to action:

Calls to research:

Voices of moderation:

Voices of reason:

Signs for fun:

And my absolute favorite!:


Wendilea said...

Wonderful Erik! Austin is definitely on our destination list! Power to the people!

JamieDedes said...

Good photo essay. Thank you for posting it. The dragon fly from elephant journal is awesome as well. Love that magazine.

Take it easy ...

Auntie E said...

What a great free country to be able to voice ones opinions. Hope you vote and voice yours.

TrueBlueWoman said...

I was at the Austin rally on Saturday as well. One of my favorite signs said "Nobody is coming for your guns, but you might want to put them away for safety purposes." Hope all of those moderates go out and have their voices heard by voting! I was 2nd in line this morning:)

Kimmy said...

I always wondered how people have the time to rally. I am only 38 years old. I work full time. Traffic keeps me in the car an hour each way. I am wife, mom, lunch maker, dinner preparer. I have all the other mom and wife chores as well. If I get a free moment, I am on my laptop, blogging for sanity, or visiting my elderly parents to check in on them. By the time television time comes up, I have to get to sleep to do it all again tomorrow. Can someone lay me off, and perhaps I can go rally somewhere too! Looks fun!!!!!