23 January 2011

Austin NYE - Electro Circus Style

Just a few shots from the Electro Circus celebration at Auditorium Shores:


Wendilea said...

Looking forward to visiting Austin in our travels... seems very colorful and happening!

Brooks said...

Looks like they are doing their part in keeping Austin weird.

Erik said...

Let us know when you head this way, we might be able to make some fun suggestions for your time here. I don't remember seeing your Astral Nomads blog before. I like it very much.

LOL Doc Brooks. That is the best way I can think of stating it. They not only do their part, they love it. :)

Erik said...

I take that back, Wendi. I recognize this...I'm getting very tired. But I don't remember it being called Astral Nomads. Too much moving for us recently. We are surprisingly looking forward to keeping our stuff in one place for a bit.

In marketing class years ago, they taught us that repetition is most effective after the target has been repeated 3 times. Astral Nomads.

Rob said...

Very colourful and nice, good job Erik.