14 January 2011

The Nation's First Red Astro Turf

My experience in high school was one of a counter-culture individual (no culture selected) who attended a school where it was ALL ABOUT FOOTBALL! When I have attempted to explain how over-the-top the football emphasis was there, people have looked at me as if I were crafting a story of extremes for impact and attention.

Below is a photo of my alma mater's new pride and joy:

The nation's first red Astro Turf.

Today, I am vindicated!!!

Article link here.


Shea said...

man, that's just, way over the top!

Emm said...

That is awesome! Sorry, I meant appalling of course. Okay, I have to admit, I think it looks really pretty.

Erik said...


Thanks...you made me audibly chuckle.