21 November 2007

The Movie Santa Doesn't Want You To See.

In honor of the coming shopping season, Reverend Billy is on a crusade. He has a new movie, produced by Morgan Spurlock called "What Would Jesus Buy?" I had a blog entry regarding Reverend Billy being arrested for reciting the 1st amendment to the Constitution. You can see it here.
What Would Jesus Buy? follows Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir as they go on a cross-country mission to save Christmas from the Shopocalypse: the end of mankind from consumerism, over-consumption and the fires of eternal debt!

(Click on movie poster to view trailer)

So...this one comes with a warning. I shared this with a number of friends and acquaintances. Some found Reverend Billy to be over the top, in-your-face and a bit offensive. (I like those things about him)

Can I suggest a follow up movie? Who Would Jesus Waterboard?

Thanks to Shelly for this one.


gymnast 1971 said...

I'm a Christian and I suppose I'm one of Erik's friends that got offended. It seemed to me that "reverend Billy" was being blasphemous. Now that I have had some time to digest what I saw, I see that he was pointing out the irony of what he is seeing.

Jex436 said...

Hilarious and poignant!