10 May 2008

Flesh & Bone Erotic Show

The show was a a lot of fun. There was great art and many wonderful guests that came to share ideas, interests and dreams.
There was food, drinks, body-painted models, bullwhips and sexually charged discussions that would make a politician blush.

Special thanks to Susan Migdol for putting the show together!


Susan said...

hank you so much for coming all the way down from Austin so we could enjoy your thoughtful Art!!
Come back to the closing party: Sunday, May 18th from 1-5pm!!

Vanessa said...

Love the whips! What fun? You are much cuter in person. Hope to see you, your art and the sexy way you spin a whip again real soon.

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Looks like fun! I hope that's body paint and not tattoo art (ouch!)...can't believe I missed all the live whip-spinning action.

You got my Battle of the Blogs on Mother's Day Eve...enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Erik said...

It was my pleasure. It was a blast!

I'm blushing. Thanks.


Coming from you, the Mother's Day vote is quite an honor; thanks for your vote. Thankfully, I wasn't battling against you. :)