23 April 2009

Darn Beetles!

I was sitting in one of my gardens this evening and heard munching.   Upon investigation, I found numerous large brown beetles eating the leaves of our lettuce and broccoli.  

The photo below is some of our squash, which the beetles do not appear to like:

As we are growing completely organically, we would greatly appreciate it if anyone has an idea about how to control the beetles other than picking them off the plants and throwing them in the park?


Dragonsongbird said...

"By the time you notice holes in leaves, weak stalks, and rotten fruit, pests have already
won the battle with that plant in your garden. Understanding pests’ life cycles and habits
and using smart gardening strategies will prepare you to prevent pest damage before it
happens." Check this out...http://www.organicgardenpests.com/

Anonymous said...

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Manteiga Voadora said...

Thank you 4 your visit!!
Interesting Blog u got here:D

Erik said...

Thanks Dragonsongbird,
I coated everything with garlic and cayenne peper and spent a few evenings at 2-3am picking beetles off and "relocating" them to the park across the street. It seems to have worked pretty well so far. I am planting garlic all around my gardens as it seems to ward off many hungry insects.

Thanks for today's smile.

Thank you very much. I am really looking forward to seeing more of your work. I hope you spend more of each day creating. I hope we all spend more of each day creating!

DJ said...

I've read planting marigolds around your vegetables, wards off some insects as well.