08 October 2009

Amazing Ant Architecture

This is an incredible video about the underground worlds ants create for themselves and their amazing architecture. Researchers located an abandoned ant colony and filled it with 10 tons of cement. It took three days to fill the underground megalopolis. They let it sit for about a month and then excavate it. Absolutely beautiful!

Thanks to my Dad for sending me the link to this one. He found here it at Kim Komando's video of the day site.

We will be back from Canada late tonight.


Shinade aka Jackie said...

Oh my word! No wonder there impossible to get rid off. Gee whiz Erik, do you think fire ants have this same extensive subterranean metropolis?

That is a scary thought. Cool video and what in the world are you doing in Canada?

I hope you're having fun. My old man is headed up that way now and he isn't!

Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I think out of everyone, at least, on the internet, you saw the truth of how very much the last week affected me personally!!

Hey life goes on though so have fun and hurry back and make us some art!

I got my PSC4 and I started an 8 week online course in learning the basics and fundamentals.

Thank goodness almost every filter, and I have tons, for PSP are compatible with PS!!

Happy day,

Anna Nida said...

Thanks for this article.... I love reading it... it would have been very time for you... anything in this world is solvable.... feel happy.

Morten Pedersen said...

As you said amazing!

Karin Bartimole said...

Remarkable and beautiful, both as a discovery and sculptural creation - inspiring the imagination to explore the worlds within worlds we pass each day, just walking across our own yards! very cool - thanks for sharing this. take care, Karin

Canny Granny said...

No wonder I can never get the little buggers out of kitchen!

Erik said...

I am back!

I am so glad that the intent of my heart reached through the few words I could post on your blog. You will love how CS4 is going to let you express your emotions through photos that seemed lifeless before.

Life is going at an amazing pace. I sent you a quick note to let you know what's up and will post it on my blog if I find out I've been accepted.

Thanks Anna,
I hope to post more that catches your eye.

You are so right and have such a marvelous way with words. I think such words apply to the unknowing sod-trodders that cross through your yard; not knowing the wonders that lay within. You create wonderful art, hidden just from the sight of passers-by.

Canny Granny,
LOL. My college dorm must have had an amazing architectural feat beneath it.

Dallian said...

haha thats great. even God tells us to look to the ant and learn it's ways. I guess if we really just do things little by little, we will be able to accomplish much bigger things than we thought possible in the first place.

Anonymous said...

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