05 May 2010

Molino de Viento Rojo

The name of this photo was inspired by Miguel de Cervantes novel, "Don Quixote".

I shot this on the sidewalk in front of the gallery when I showed my work on Exposition in Dallas, TX.

We had two wonderful models who graciously agreed to allow artists at the show to paint them as living canvases draw people in to the show. This young lady turned out to be one of my favorite models and I look forward to working with her again.


Born with a big mouth! said...


Liggy said...

I like that picture. It just kinda makes you wonder where she's at, what era, why she's dressed like that, etc. Awesome!

Erik said...

Thanks Born with a big mouth. I have been trying to leave comments on your blog,but there is something preventing it. I'm not a computer guru, so may be on my end. Oh...and no creepy notes came from this direction. :)

Thanks Liggy. I thought it a somewhat ethereal timeless shot, too.

redkathy said...

Oh man this is fabulous! This year wild color is the trend in just about everything. Seems that the 80s splatter is back too!

verbie said...

i find that picture interesting - like the color contrast of her with the background.