22 May 2010

Okanagan Film Commission at Media Button

I have just a few minutes between study sessions and wanted to share a couple of photo illustrations from the Okanagan Film Commission's gathering at Media Button the other evening.

The first capture is Adam Scorgie, Executive producer of the award-winning documentary, "The Union".

It was wonderful to stand in the midst of this collection of creative talent. I look forward to the creative possibilities that await harvest in the Okanagan. Thanks to Jon Summerland and his talented group at the Commission and to Dave Araki and the creative powerhouse team at Media Button in Kelowna.

The second is Felix Poet (my version of reality).

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Ferd said...

I like the idea of your blog: Truth and Beauty. I'm for those!
And I like Einstein's quote about it.
Thanks for stopping by my humble little blog. I'll be sure to stop back at yours, too.
I've never been to Austin, but I have always wanted to because of Austin City Limits. I know it is an artsy city. I'm sure I would like it.